Our Mission
Provide youth with access to a comprehensive web of information so that they can make informed decisions about substance use.

Who we are
We are a group of professionals who care about youth and want to help them deal with their substance use issues. Among us are substance use counsellors, mental health counsellors and information specialists who have been invaluable in gathering information and laying the grounds to the YouthOnDrugs.com website… We are all people who want to help make a difference.

Why YouthOnDrugs.com?
When we started this website, we knew that there were recovery resources, programs and various initiatives out there geared towards youth and substance use. Finding the information proved to be challenging as the information was so scattered and hard to find. We never knew where to start looking for it! There is the local information; the government programs; the national organizations – How many of these offered their services to youth? We figured that if we were having problems finding a resource close to home, we were probably not the only ones! So, we decided to create the YouthOnDrugs.com website.

Dealing with drug reality
We all have different ideas on the subject … and different ways of dealing with it. The fact is using drugs affects your health, your spirit, your potential. Most drugs are illegal, harmful when used/abused and even deadly. Knowing this, we want to create a place where youth can find reliable and accurate drug information. We think that if children and young adults choose to do drugs, they need to be aware of the facts surrounding their use. We feel that once you dabble in drugs, an educated and informed choice is better than one based in rumor and half-truths. Addiction doesn’t ask for an I.D. card before it sets in. Age doesn’t matter. If you are seeking help with an addiction, we want to give you the tools and resources to find help now! So, join us in our mission in maintaining the most effective, comprehensive and up-to-date website for substance use resources and drug information geared towards youth. We thank all who have contributed to this website over the past ten years. Thank you.

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